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Traffic Cone Accessories and Applications

A traffic cone is the paper clip or rubber band of the traffic safety industry. It is a simple product with an abundance of uses and applications. Commonly used on the roads to direct traffic or mark hazards. They are also used indoors to block off entrances or keep people out of areas under construction. Cones are used to direct crowds of people at events, as temporary sign stands, or they can be used during exercise drills and during driver license exams. The list goes on, and as people have discovered new uses for them, they have also developed some accessories to further legitimize their significance. Traffic Cone Accessories:  Traffic Cone Chain Connector The Traffic Cone Chain Connector can be placed over […]

What is Arc Rated Clothing?

Arc rated clothing is critically important for workplace safety when dealing with electrical wiring and other electrical systems. Electrical work can result in sparks, shocks or even fires. The NFPA 70 is the standard set for installing electrical systems in the United States. The NFPA 70E specifically covers the requirements for employees working with the electrical wiring and equipment. Within these documents are specific guidelines on Arc Flash Rated or “AR” clothing.  AR rated clothing is different from flame resistant (FR) clothing.  AR clothing is flame resistant, but not all flame resistant clothing can be categorized as AR clothing. The main difference is that AR clothing has been designed and tested to withstand flash hazards better than typical flame resistant […]

Why Pavement and Line-Striping? – Pavement Striping Business & Tips

Believe it or not, there are high profit margins for contractors doing pavement and line-striping work. Not only are they paid well for their work, but the time and labor put in is not too extensive. Initial costs include the striping machine, however refilling supplies thereafter is not pricey, and generally jobs have $400 minimum requirements to cover overhead. A typical parking lot with 50 parking spaces, a couple handicap stalls and a few arrows can run for $1,500. Learning how to stripe is not too difficult a task either. Start by re-striping existing stripes and you should get it down in no time.  Note that cleaning or sweeping the pavement before marking it is needed to obtain the best […]

Best Safety Vest – Finding the Best Safety Vest for Your Needs

The most important factor in determining the best safety vest is the circumstance in which it is worn. In instances when workers are dealing with traffic safety, they are required to wear safety apparel to allow drivers to see them easier and from farther away. The Federal Highway Administration states that: “All workers within the right-of-way of a Federal-aid highway who are exposed either to traffic (vehicles using the highway for purposes of travel) or to construction equipment within the work area shall wear high-visibility safety apparel.” (Worker Visibility, 23 CFR Part 634). Additionally, flaggers and workers within range of vehicular traffic of any sort are required to wear safety apparel. There are a number of different classes of vests […]

The Ultimate Barricade Guide

Barricade Types Knowing which barricade to use can be a bit tricky, as there are quite a few variables to sort through. First let’s look at the different options and their applications:   Type I Barricade: Has reflective sheeting on the upper half of the barricade, and not the lower. They are ideal for pedestrian traffic and other types of control where maximum reflective sheeting is not needed. Since reflective sheeting can be the most expensive part of the barricades, Type I barricades tend to have a lower price.     Type II Barricade: Has reflective sheeting on the upper and lower boards of the barricade. They are most often used on roads that have detours or closings, as well […]

What is the Quick-Change™ Feature?

The new Quick-Change™ feature allows sign owners to slip their sign substrates into their frames without any tooling or maintenance whatsoever, giving them more versatility than ever before. It is simpler to use than its alternatives, it allows sign owners to print on multiple sides of their poster substrates, and it makes it easy to rotate between a number of different signs. If you’d like to get the most out of your sign frame by using it as many times as possible, the Quick-Change™ is worth the look. To add the sign to the frame: Lift the poster substrate so that the two top corners go into the slot at the top of the frame. Lower the poster substrate so […]

LED Signs: What to Know

When it comes to signage, grabbing attention is of vital importance. If you’re working with road signs or workplace signs, and are in need of something that stands out, LEDs may be your answer. LEDs (light emitting diodes) are the superior alternative to incandescent lights because they produce a stronger light with less energy. This allows the lights, which do not burn through filament, to last longer and produce less waste. Not only do LEDs save you money, but they are also durable and do not produce UV emissions. LED Traffic Signs Road signs with LEDs grab the driver’s attention and help illuminate the message. They are often found at schools, on work sites, or at places where driver and […]

Color Code for Utility Marking

Breaking ground for construction, farming, or any other reason requires ensuring you’re not damaging any existing infrastructure. Taking that extra step can prevent serious damage below ground that can sometimes be irreversible or unfixable. You are also putting yourself and others at risk without fully understanding the underground landscape and the implications of digging into it. The first step you must take before breaking ground is to call your local “One Call” shop where you can get all the information you need on the underground systems already in place. Before beginning any excavation, it is required that the area is properly marked above ground. Those markings are usually in the form of small colored utility flags or posts, with paint, […]

Barricade Lights

Barricade lights are important equipment additions when it comes to increasing worker and driver safety.  Barricade lights can be added to devices like barricades, barriers, drums, cones and panels, to ensure that product visibility and awareness is high. In poorly lit or hard to see areas, a barricade light can increase the life of your device, and make sure that its purpose is fulfilled. Some states require certain products to be used with a light. If you aren’t using barricade lights already, then you may want to consider finding the right type for you by understanding the following: Minimum Requirements Every state has their own regulatory traffic code, and within it are the minimum standards that must be met. If your […]

Handling FIBC Bags

A flexible Intermediate bulk containers, or a FIBC, is a large fabric container that is generally used to store and transport raw material like sand or plastic pellets. A standard light weight bag often holds up to one metric ton, although they do very in size and strength, depending on the manufacturer. The most common method for transporting these bags is to use the loops to lift them with a crane, or to place them on a pallet and move them with a forklift. Due to the weight these bags can accumulate, as well as the static electricity that they can generate, a number of companies involved in the manufacturing of FIBC’s have come together to form the FIBC Association […]