How to use wheel chocks

How to Choose and Use Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are a critical tool to have when working on a vehicle that has the potential to roll. Usually, wheel chocks are used when the vehicle needs to be lifted at one end for maintenance purposes. Sometimes wheel chocks are used for larger vehicles parked on an incline, to keep them from rolling downhill.

Determining the Right Size Wheel Chock to Use

Measure the height of the tire you need to secure using a tape measure.  Most professionals suggest buying a wheel chock that is about one quarter the height of your tire. Once you have gotten the correct size wheel chock, you will want to be sure that the wheel chock fits snugly next to the tire.  In some instances it is better to use more than one wheel chock.  For instance, if you have a vehicle on an incline or a heavier vehicle you will typically want to use at least two wheel chocks and maybe even more (depending on the weight of the vehicle and the grade of the incline). Again, you will want to make sure each wheel chock is placed snugly up next to the tire.  Larger vehicles like RVs and trucks will typically guide you to use 4 wheel chocks so that both the front and back end tires are secure.  You can get more information by looking in your owner’s manual for the vehicle you plan to secure.

At Traffic Safety Warehouse we have a large supply of wheel chocks for all different types of needs. The majority of our wheel chocks are made of either tough recycled rubber or molded urethane. There is good reason for this.  Rubber and urethane wheel chocks last longer and are more resistant to weather damage and abrasion. Urethane wheel chocks may also be more resistant to damage from oils and solvents.

Below are just a few examples of the many types of chocks we carry at Traffic Safety Warehouse.

Popular Wheel Chocks

Aircraft Wheel Chocks:

Heavy Equipment and Mining Wheel Chocks: