Used traffic cones are always expected to be the cheapest cones. If your goal is to find traffic cones at the best prices you might be surprised to find that used traffic cones aren’t necessarily the cheapest way to go.

First of all there is the up front cost of time in searching for used cones with the right dimensions for your needs. Used cones appear to be few and far between. It can take a long time to find the right size or color and often the quantity is predetermined by the seller. Some sizes are just not available. Once found, we discovered the cost was not cheap as we would have expected.  People always associated with ‘used’ as cheap but it’s not always the case.  Note some of the used cones we were able to find after much searching below. Unless you live in the same city the cones are located in so you can pick them up in person it generally did not end up being very cheap.  There are auctions sometimes available at auctions but in those instances you might have to wait months for the timing of the auction.  When buying used traffic cones you may not always be able to tell the quality or whether they meet MUTCD standards. A quick visit to will typically save you time and money, and if you order larger quantities you can save even more. Note some of the real life used cone finds below as compared with Traffic Safety Warehouse cones.

Used Traffic Cones Ebay - 12

New Traffic Cones -TSW - 12

Used Traffic Cones Ebay - 28

New Traffic Cones TSW - 28