Bollard Covers: Upgrade Your Exterior
Bollard covers become one of our most popular product categories.  They make such an impact for very low cost and little effort.  You can upgrade your exterior in just minutes and improve first impressions for businesses, parking lots and more. Bollard covers not only improve the appearance but they also help protect your bollard posts at the same time.

Bollard Cover ColorsBollard Cover Maintenance: With bollard covers there is no need for scraping or sanding and they do not need to be repainted. Our most popular bollard covers are made with engineered plastic that resist fading and withstands severe weather. They are very easy to install and available in great visibility colors and some covers come with a 5 year guarantee.

Bollard Cover Installation: Bollard covers are very easy to install. Just apply foam strips to the bollard so that they cross across the top and help protect the underlying bollard post.  Then slide the cover over the foam strips and apply pressure to push the bollard cover down to cover the post.  The foam strips will compress to help create a tight fit.

Bollard Cover SizesBollard Cover Sizes & Shapes: Bollard covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  While the majority of bollard covers are round, we also carry square bollard covers as well as decorative bollard covers with and without lights. Most bollard covers range between 52″ to 72″ inches in height.