Cable Protectors and GuardsCable, cord and hose protection is an important part of safety on construction sites, in warehouses and in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings.  Uncovered cords and cables can become damaged by vehicles and they can also result in injuries to pedestrians who may trip over them. provides some of the best cable and cord protection including dropovers, cable channel guards/protectors, cable ramps and hose bridges.  Here we are featuring Elasco cord and cable protection because of their quality build and unique design features.  Below are details about each category of cable protection, what they are for and additional details on features and how they are used.

Cable DropoversCable Dropovers: Provide quick and easy protection for cables and cords  by simple placement of the guard over the it. They are commonly seen on construction sites to protect everything from small wiring to tubing to pipes. They ensure safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians over the cable or pipe. They are slip resistant to stay in place and can can accommodate load bearing from 6,115 to 8,850 lbs of pressure PER tire.

Cable Channel GuardCable Channel Protectors and Guards: These provide the same durable protection for cables and cords but with the added benefit of allowing you to organize your cables/cords into different channels. Cable protectors are offered from one channel to 7 channels.

LiteGuard collection comes in size 1 3/8” and smaller but ‘lite’ does not mean light duty. They are still very durable and can withstand the forces of vehicles.

Might Guard comes in sizes of 2” or greater.

Heavy duty ultra guards come in 5 and 7 channels and can withstand up to 20,000 lbs of force PER tire.

Learn more about their features and how you can connect them together in the videos below:

Cable Ramps: Cable ramps provide a way for vehicles to drive over cables and cords.  ADA cable ramps to allow wheelchairs and vehicles to cross without damage to cables or tripping.

Hose BridgesHose Bridges: These do exactly what their name says. The provide a durable bridge to help cover hoses and protect the hose and pedestrians from tripping.  They are made from heavy duty polyurethane and can withstand 20,000 pounds of load bearing PER tire.