Justrite Smoker’s Cease Fire®

Keep your summer yard beautiful and clean from unsightly cigarette butts with Justrite’s Smoker’s Cease Fire®.  This outdoor ashtray uses Justrite’s proven self extinguishing Cease-Fire technology  to reduce risk of fire and safely store cigarette butts out of view for you and your guests to create a more aesthetic appearance for your property.  The receptacle is flame resistant and can be used outside or inside . The free-standing units are FM approved and made of UV-protected polyethylene so they won’t rust or crack. They come in several colors and their  unique opening helps keep rain out and minimize mess.  They are easy to maintain and empty.  You will also find tie-down notches on the bottom to help provide greater stability for severe weather conditions. Watch the video below for more details on the Justrite Smoker’s Cease Fire®:

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