A-Frame Sign Colors

Sign Colors

Signicade A-Frame signs now come in even more colors. The signs are durable, very versatile and affordable.  Customers can now choose from a wider assortment of colors including red, blue, green, white, yellow, orange and black.  These Signicade A-Frame signs are built of all plastic and have a regressed sign area to help protect the sign faces. The sign face can hold vinyl sheeting, metal Coroplast™ or acrylic sign blanks.  If needed, the signs can be internally ballasted with sand to give them extra upright stability.  Each signicade A-Frame sign comes with a molded-in-handle for easy transportation and they stack easily.

Available Sign Colors:

Sign Colors

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Simpo Signs – Plasticade Simpo Square Sandwich Sign

The Plasticade Simpo Square 24 Sign Stand is one of our best sign products because of its durability and flexibility of use.  Because they are all plastic, they will not rust and the need for maintenance is eliminated. Just wipe them down from time to time and you are set to go.  The simpo signs include a patented quick change feature which allows the sign to literally be changed in seconds.  The sign itself is held in place with stay tabs so that it is held securely and will not shift.  On top of the simpo sign there are grabber hinges with allow a rider panel to be used.  When opened all the way, it will keep the sign from opening too far. The sign stand has textured feet to avoid sliding and is internally ballastable with up to 3 pounds of sand on each side.

This is a great sign for real estate signs, sidewalk signs, store signs, restaurant signs and more.  They are extremely reasonably priced and will last a long, long time.

For more detail view the vide on Plasticade Simpo Signs below:


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