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What is Arc Rated Clothing?

Arc rated clothing is critically important for workplace safety when dealing with electrical wiring and other electrical systems. Electrical work can result in sparks, shocks or even fires. The NFPA 70 is the standard set for installing electrical systems in the United States. The NFPA 70E specifically covers the requirements for employees working with the […]

The Ultimate Barricade Guide

Barricade Types Knowing which barricade to use can be a bit tricky, as there are quite a few variables to sort through. First let’s look at the different options and their applications:   Type I Barricade: Has reflective sheeting on the upper half of the barricade, and not the lower. They are ideal for pedestrian […]

LED Signs: What to Know

When it comes to signage, grabbing attention is of vital importance. If you’re working with road signs or workplace signs, and are in need of something that stands out, LEDs may be your answer. LEDs (light emitting diodes) are the superior alternative to incandescent lights because they produce a stronger light with less energy. This […]

Color Code for Utility Marking

Breaking ground for construction, farming, or any other reason requires ensuring you’re not damaging any existing infrastructure. Taking that extra step can prevent serious damage below ground that can sometimes be irreversible or unfixable. You are also putting yourself and others at risk without fully understanding the underground landscape and the implications of digging into […]

Barricade Lights

Barricade lights are important equipment additions when it comes to increasing worker and driver safety.  Barricade lights can be added to devices like barricades, barriers, drums, cones and panels, to ensure that product visibility and awareness is high. In poorly lit or hard to see areas, a barricade light can increase the life of your device, […]

Handling FIBC Bags

A flexible Intermediate bulk containers, or a FIBC, is a large fabric container that is generally used to store and transport raw material like sand or plastic pellets. A standard light weight bag often holds up to one metric ton, although they do very in size and strength, depending on the manufacturer. The most common […]

What are Channelizers

Channelizers are traffic safety products used to alert and direct traffic through roadwork or away from hazardous areas. They are often the orange plastic molded products that you see lined with reflective sheeting. Plastic channelizers are weighed down by a rubber base, varying in shape, size and function. Different channelizers are often used state to […]