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Spill Containment

Spill containment is a very important component of safety in the workplace. Having the necessary equipment on hand to quickly contain a spill and keep it from spreading helps ensure safety for employees and visitors, as well as the environment. There are two levels of spill containment. Spill containment refers to the steps taken to stop the spread of a spill after any immediate safety issues have been taken care of.  Making sure the spill doesn’t spread to a larger area is a priority.  Not only will containing the spill to a smaller area mean fewer people and less area are affected but it will make it quicker to get cleaned up. Ideally, your facility will have some measures already […]

Types of Barricades

Traffic barricades (also known as safety or road barricades) are used to control the flow of traffic in a specified area. They are used at construction sites, accident scenes, as roadblocks, at schools and in a variety of other crowd control situations. There are many different types of road barricades in varying sizes, weights and strengths. So it is important to choose the type of barricade that will best serve your needs. This is a quick traffic barricade overview for those who are just getting acquainted with the types of barricades and their uses that we hope you will find helpful. Type I Barricades The Type I Barricade is so named because it has only one reflective rail. Typically it […]

Sign Colors

Signicade A-Frame signs now come in even more colors. The signs are durable, very versatile and affordable.  Customers can now choose from a wider assortment of colors including red, blue, green, white, yellow, orange and black.  These Signicade A-Frame signs are built of all plastic and have a regressed sign area to help protect the sign faces. The sign face can hold vinyl sheeting, metal Coroplast™ or acrylic sign blanks.  If needed, the signs can be internally ballasted with sand to give them extra upright stability.  Each signicade A-Frame sign comes with a molded-in-handle for easy transportation and they stack easily. Available Sign Colors: View Signicade Portable Signs >>  

Sandbags for Flood Protection

Spring is here and along with the season we can expect the usual raining and flooding.  It is important to have a plan and the supplies in place for those times of extreme water levels, especially if you are in an area that is often impacted by floods. Being ready for a flood before it happens is the best policy and it is pretty easy to do.  The goal is just to stop the water before it can do damage.  There are several ways to do this but still the favorite and most effective flood supplies are sandbags. No one plans a flood and they usually happen with little warning so equipment that can be moved and deployed quickly is […]

Justrite Smoker’s Cease Fire®

Keep your summer yard beautiful and clean from unsightly cigarette butts with Justrite’s Smoker’s Cease Fire®.  This outdoor ashtray uses Justrite’s proven self extinguishing Cease-Fire technology  to reduce risk of fire and safely store cigarette butts out of view for you and your guests to create a more aesthetic appearance for your property.  The receptacle is flame resistant and can be used outside or inside . The free-standing units are FM approved and made of UV-protected polyethylene so they won’t rust or crack. They come in several colors and their  unique opening helps keep rain out and minimize mess.  They are easy to maintain and empty.  You will also find tie-down notches on the bottom to help provide greater stability […]

Retroreflectivity & Sign Visibility

Sign visibility in construction, school and pedestrian zones has always been a big priority for increasing safety. With advances in technology, there are better options available to help decrease the likelihood of accidents.  To understand reflectivity and visibility, it is helpful to understand a few important terms first. Sheeting – is the  front of the sign that is attached to the substrate.  The sheeting helps determine both the retroreflectivity and the sturdiness of the sign. The majority of traffic signs are required to be reflective according to the the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and OSHA. Retroreflectivity – retroreflectivity is a measure of a materials’s a ability to reflect light back to its originating source and affects the visibility of […]

Why Water Filled Barriers?

Water filled barriers are increasingly becoming the barrier of choice over conventional devices for providing added safety to work zone areas.  It is a very versatile product which great durability.  No sandbags are needed and deployment is easy. Additionally, they are very portable and provide excellent visibility because of their brighter color.  They require less maintenance than more traditional installed work zone devices and help clearly delineate the entrances and exits for travel through the traffic work zone. An interesting fact is that when it comes to construction road safety, statistics show that four out of five people killed in construction zone deaths are the driver of the vehicle or their passengers and NOT the construction worker*.  Over the years, […]

OSHA Rebar Caps

Rebar can be found on almost every construction site.  It is used to help keep the cement stable and improve the structural stability of the concrete. Unfortunately, the protruding rebar can be extremely dangerous. Employees or pedestrians that fall on exposed rebar can be seriously injured or even killed so OSHA has come out with standards for rebar caps to help keep the construction zone safer for everyone. OSHA requires that any exposed rebar be covered by rebar caps.  Traffic Safety Warehouse offers OSHA Rebar Caps made of space age high density polymer to protect against impalement injuries.  These rebar caps meet new OSHA requirement 344.90. Besides their sturdy protective surface they are also made in high visibility colors like lime green and […]

Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks , also called wheel stops or wheel blocks, come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be made from different types of materials. They are used to prevent a vehicle from rolling forward or backward. Wheel chock uses: Wheel chocks are used to keep a vehicle from rolling when the opposite end is lift. Wheel chocks are also often used with large, parked trucks to ensure the vehicle doesn’t roll and cause damage to property.  Off road chocks can be used in construction when builders need to park in areas that do not have roadways yet and the land is uneven.  Additionally, airplanes use wheel chocks to keep them from moving from their parked spot. How […]

Signicade Signs

Which Signicade Sign is Right for Me? If you are looking for quality sign products that will last and withstand tough weather conditions, Signicade signs are one of the most reliable brands available.  Signicade signs are portable and durable.  They come in several versions to accommodate the needs of any business. The original Signicade Sign Stand is made of heavy duty plastic and has a slightly recessed face to help protect the sign that you may install with screws, nuts or two-sided adhesive.  They can be internally ballasted with sand to keep them standing in windier conditions.  This sign type is best for displays that are permanent or that you plan to change infrequently. If you are in need of […]